Postgres Ibiza 2020: cancelled. Mark 2021 in your calendars!

Tuesday, Mar 31, 2020| by Álvaro Hernández | Tags:, postgresql

Postgres Ibiza 2020: cancelled. Mark 2021 in your calendars!

The World has been taken by storm by the COVID-19. Our thoughts are with the people who, for any reason, are suffering from this. We are with you.

At Fundación PostgreSQL we have been watching carefully the events, and trying to keep Postgres Ibiza happening, as long as we could ensure a perfectly safe and healthy condition for organizing it. Even though there is a ray of light and we think a period like September may be safe to organize it, unfortunately, organizing a conference requires quality time. The same is needed for speakers, attendees, sponsors, volunteers to plan. Even in the more optimistic case, we will not reach a clear perspective with time enough for successful organization of the event.

So we have decided to postpone Postgres Ibiza until 2021. Refunds for booked attendees will be processed at the earliest –you will be contacted individually– as well as for sponsors.

Postgres Ibiza is not a conference that may go virtual. Postgres Ibiza, if anything, is about human connection. It’s about the hallway track, as Bruce Momjian said. It is an experience to network with peers, colleagues, partners, customers, friends. It is a conference to innovate and disrupt the future of Postgres. It is about quality time with the Postgres ecosystem people. This, we haven’t found a way to do online. Ping us if you know how. Otherwise, we will hope to meet you, in person, in 2021.

We will announce the event later this year, but we have secured some initially tentative days: 23rd-25th of June, 2021. Mark them in your calendar!