PostgreSQL Ibiza: 2 weeks to go

Thursday, Jun 6, 2019| by Álvaro Hernández | Tags:, postgresql

Five-day PostgreSQL networking experience, embedding a 2-day conference

Just 2 weeks to go for PostgreSQL Ibiza. The new, innovative PostgreSQL Conferences that happens 50m away from a beach. The conference for thinkers, for networking, for partnering. The conference to be at.

But a conference is nothing without great content. And after receiving more than 71 talk submissions, and the hard work that the Committee has done to select the talks, PostgreSQL Ibiza will have top-notch talks from top-notch international speakers. For example:

Please have a look at all the upcoming talks and the schedule. If you are already registered for the conference, see you soon! If you haven’t, don’t miss this opportunity and get your ticket now! Needless to say, don’t forget the swim suit, the welcome reception on Wednesday night, and the social events on the weekend.