PGIbiza 2023: Postgres and Ecosystem

Monday, Apr 17, 2023| by Álvaro Hernández | Tags:, postgresql

Announcing Postgres Ibiza 2023: August 29-31

Today we are pleased to announce that Postgres Ibiza is returning in 2023! Mark the dates: August 29th, 30th and 31st, 2023. After a four year hiatus due to Covid and travel restrictions, PGIbiza is back.

What you will find, at a glance:

  • Two days of conference talks.
  • One day unconference.
  • Hallway track may happen on the beach or beach-side restaurant/bars.
  • Family-friendly conference: BYOF (Bring Your Own Family), stay for some days of vacations.
  • Same venue as in 2019.

A unique conference open to all Postgres*

We believe that the more open and inclusive the Postgres Community is, the better. This principle also touches on the technology side: the broader and wider the Postgres ecosystem is, and ºthe more inclusive it is of all related technologies, the better. This is why Postgres Ibiza 2023 focuses on Postgres and its broader Postgres Ecosystem. All Postgres-related technologies are welcome to join:

  • Postgres core development and core technologies.
  • Postgres extensions.
  • Fully Postgres-compatible variants/forks.
  • Postgres-compatible cloud databases.
  • Postgres protocol-compatible databases.
  • Any other projects interested in Postgres!
  • Even “competing” technologies that can show how things are done better than in Postgres.

The goal is to cover all Postgres-related technologies, because that’s what really defines the broader Postgres Ecosystem. Focused on users, developers, open source, providers and cloud –in no particular order.

CF* Opening Soon

Both the Call For Papers and Call For Sponsors will open soon. Similarly, the Talk Selection Committee and the Code of Conduct will be published soon. Please stay tuned and mark the dates in the calendar!

Postgres Ibiza is organized by the non-profit Fundación PostgreSQL, and is expected to become a PostgreSQL Community Event. All contributions are welcome, but the more important one is joining the conference and participating in the conversations.

Postgres Ibiza is a unique, forward-thinking, inclusive conference to define the future of Postgres and its Ecosystem. A different conference that you can’t miss (trust us, see what Postgres Ibiza 2019 was, including what was said about Postgres Ibiza).

See you in August!