Postgres Ibiza 2024: Call for Papers and Sponsors

Friday, Jun 14, 2024| by Álvaro Hernández | Tags:, postgresql

Postgres Ibiza 2024: September 9th-11th

Postgres Ibiza 2024 will be back in September. A three-day event split into:

  • Conference: 2 days, September 9th and 10th.
  • Unconference: 1 day, September 11th, following the spirit of the best open spaces.

The event will be held in the same conference venue as the last editions, the spectacular Palacio de Congresos de Ibiza which happens to be a few steps away from many hotels… and the beach!

Postgres Ibiza 2024 builds on the success of the last editions (2023 and 2019, before the pandemic) and brings a refreshing, open and diverse Postgres conference. Where all ideas can be shared, the future of Postgres discussed and stronger connections can be made in a truly unique environment.

Call For Papers

Call For Papers is open until June 23rd. The topic selection is quite open, but here are a few suggested themes to consider:

  • Core Innovations: Cutting-edge advancements in Postgres core development and key technologies.
  • Creative Extensions: New and innovative extensions that enhance Postgres.
  • Containers & Kubernetes: Best practices for running Postgres in containerized environments.
  • Compatible Forks: Insights into fully Postgres-compatible variants and forks.
  • Cloud Databases: Exploring the benefits of cloud databases that support Postgres.
  • Protocol Compatibility: Databases that utilize Postgres-compatible protocols.
  • Innovative Projects: Any unique and novel projects related to Postgres.
  • Database Comparisons: Demonstrate what other databases do better and how they compare to Postgres.

We are very grateful of the fantastic Talk Selection Commitee that we have this year: Tatiana Krupenya, DBeaver, CEO; Francis Santiago, Database Reliability Engineer, The Workshop; Alicja Kucharczyk, Principal Program Manager, Microsoft; and Mehboob Alam, Postgres Evangelist/Advisor, POSTGRESNX. Our goal is to make this event a truly inclusive and diverse gathering.

If you have any questions about the CFP or simply want to get in touch with the Committee, please contact us. If you are unsure about submitting a talk, it’s your first time, or just need some help, we will be happy to assist and provide guidance.

Call for Sponsors

Postgres Ibiza is organized by the non-profit Fundación PostgreSQL, and is a PostgreSQL Community Event. Every sponsorship or donation is key for the event.

If you or your company can contribute, please review our prospectus and contact us. Sponsorship options start from as low as 1.000€. Thank you in advance to all our previous sponsors.

Postgres Ibiza 2023 was a blast

It’s difficult to explain Postgres Ibiza. You should experience it. As a teaser, here there are a couple of teasers of what Postgres Ibiza 2023 was.