In 2019, 2020 and 2021 Fundación PostgreSQL registered three unregistered PostgreSQL trademarks, to protect them and let them be used by the wide PostgreSQL Community. In particular, these trademarks help to promote PostgreSQL and its Community, including but not limited to the software and tools ecosystem, its users, user groups (PUGs), regional and international events, contributors and non-profit and commercial entities providing goods and/or services including or related to PostgreSQL.

The following brands are currently held by Fundación PostgreSQL, including the Nice classification and the Madrid Protocol’s designations under which they are registered:

Brand Nice classification Designations
Postgres 42 Spain, European Union

For the held trademarks, Fundación PostgreSQL allows them to be used freely, under all provisions of goods and services covered by the respective Nice classifications, under the registered designations, provided that its use constitutes a fair use aligned with the Goals of the Foundation as specified in its Estatutes (Spanish, English).

Please contact the Foundation’s Board for further information.