PostgreSQL Ibiza: 2 weeks to go

Thursday, Jun 6, 2019 by Álvaro Hernández, postgresql

Five-day PostgreSQL networking experience, embedding a 2-day conference Just 2 weeks to go for PostgreSQL Ibiza. The new, innovative PostgreSQL Conferences that happens 50m away from a beach. The conference for thinkers, for networking, for partnering. The conference to be at. But a conference is nothing without great content. And after receiving more than 71 talk submissions, and the hard work that the Committee has done to select the talks, PostgreSQL Ibiza will have top-notch talks from top-notch international speakers.

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What it is PostgreSQL Ibiza and why you should attend

Friday, May 31, 2019 by Álvaro Hernández, postgresql

PostgreSQL for Thinkers Please check PostgreSQL Ibiza’s conference website. If you haven’t done so, please also take two minutes to watch our conference video. Now if you think that PostgreSQL Ibiza is another PostgreSQL Conference, just on the beach (which is not that bad anyway!), then keep reading. Because it is much more than that. PostgreSQL Ibiza is a new, disruptive PostgreSQL conference. We are all in a rush. I have been to many dozens of PostgreSQL conferences in the last decade.

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